About the Tango Argentino

Start dancing tango next Tuesday or Thursday with teacher with 9 years of international teaching experience. Do you want visit classes of Tango Argentino in Vilnius or Kaunas? Learn what Tango is about.



About the Tango Argentino

The tango is full of stereotypes. Many people call it the passion and imagine a pair, rejected in the bodies from each other and with a rose in the teeth. Some think that it should be performed only on stage. The woman of course must wave her leg around her partner or much more better – put it on his shoulder. Hmmm…

In fact, Argentine tango is a social dance. It was not created for the show. It is, first of all, a way of communication. Knowing the technique well, how to walk right and build a body, you can dance with anyone who has the same skills. Tango is a secret for two, a cure for melancholy and an art of feeling.

If you decide to visit a test lesson of Tango Argentino in Vilnius, you do not need to take a rose or a hat with you. Comfortable shoes, clothes and good mood are enough to communicate with enthusiastic and friendly tangueros.

By the way, “tanguero” is a word for person who dance Tango Argentino. They regularly attend milongas. Milonga is an event where people is dancing tango. On such events tangueros use a special code of behavior – “codigos”. It includes such rules as respective navigation, movement on the dance floor counter-clockwise and, maybe the most beautiful, the invitation to dance Tango Argentino with a glance.

It’s hard to imagine, but Argentine Tango is a big philosophy that is not easy to understand fully even for tangueros. Most important, there is no staging, no agreement. There is also no hint of falsehood.

The dance is not built on the figures to remember. The most important thing is intercommunion of a man and woman. A man controls the legs of a woman. People often say that a couple in tango is a creature with four legs and with one heart. He leads – she follows.

Some people think that Tango Argentino is a simple dance. There are steps, turns and flying legs… What can be difficult there? You learned – so dance. What is there to talk about? And why should we dedicate so many publications to this hobby? Maybe for some hobbies is true. But this is not about the Tango.

Not only to publications, music and films are dedicated to this dance. But whole lives of people. When you dive into it, you will be surprised and even frightened that all this time such a huge world existed near you, and you didn’t even notice it.

Starting to dance, you immediately understand why love to Tango Argentino can’t be cured. The famous maestro Carlos Gavito said: “Tango is my best medicine, my best friend and my best love! It never betrayed me, and so did I!”.