About the Tango Argentino

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About Tango Argentino

Tango is full of stereotypes. Many people call it passion and imagine a couple, the heads rejected from each other and with a rose in the teeth. Some think that it should be performed only on stage. The woman of course must wave her leg around her partner or much better – put it on his shoulder. Hmmm…

In fact, Argentine tango is a social dance. Its roots are not the show. It is, first of all, a way of interacting with a partner and a music. Knowing how to stand and  how to understand one another, you can dance with anyone who has the same skills. Tango is a secret for two, a cure for melancholy and an art of feeling.

In some ways Argentine Tango is not only a dance but an art of living or a philosophy.

Figures to remember are not the purpose. The most important thing is connection between a man and woman. People often say that a couple in tango is a creature with four legs and with one heart. He leads – she follows.

Not only publications, music and films are dedicated to this dance. But whole lives of people. When you dive into it, you will be surprised and even frightened that all this time such a huge world existed near you, and you didn’t even suspect it.

Starting to dance, you will understand why love to Tango Argentino can’t be cured. The famous maestro Carlos Gavito said: “Tango is my best medicine, my best friend and my best love! It never betrayed me, and so did I!”.