yoann morello
Yoann Morello

I started dancing tango in Paris in 2005. Soon, I got fascinated by the richness and the subtlety of this dance. For more than 4 years learning and dancing, tango became the main occupation of my free time. In 2009, I went for 7 months to Buenos Aires, where I took classes from the best young and old teachers in the world. There began my teaching experience as an assistant to Julieta Villanes-Jones. When coming back, I gave up my engineer career to do full time what I love – teaching tango.

From 2009 to 2013, I started in Kiev, where I am proud to have contributed to form many very good dancers -a number of them who are now teaching tango. I have since been teaching workshops in many places, among which Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus and Peru. I give now regular  group and private classes in Göteborg.

Argentine tango is a rich dance in many ways: one can feel intense emotion. The quality of the movement, the connection in the couple and the interpretation of the music, offer endless possibilities and subtleties.  As some people do for martial arts, I see Argentine tango as a road. I still work a lot on myself, doing my best to go on moving forward. Because no matter your level, each little step can be the source joy. I am happy when I can help somebody to go further on his or her own road, should they be beginners or advanced dancers.

My group classes will provide you with the elements of the social tango choreography. And beside of that obvious part, they will propose you plenty of exercises and games about the way you can build and use your body to improve your balance, your connection in the couple, your musicality. Awareness is one of the key words in my approach. Awareness in your body, awareness of the partner’s body, awareness of the music. It could be that dancing or meditation or yoga are not so far one from another. Through awareness and slow exercises, that divide complex fast actions into slow easy ones, you will be given plenty of tools that, if given a chance, may not only cardinally change  your idea of dancing, but the way you stand, move and feel in everyday life.

Apart from teaching tango, I have a diploma from the Feldenkrais  Federation to give group classes  ( to know what it is: http://www.feldenkrais.com/whatis).  Part of this method is dedicated to how one can learn, especially learn movement. For me this is a fascinating theme, and my classes are a permanent and passionate experiment, born in the enthusiastic wish of diffusing a dance I love, Argentine Tango, and grown through years of teaching and learning, and continuous research about how to make the learning process more enjoyable, efficient and faster.

Yoann Morello